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The primedom of Merolate has enjoyed a period of stability under the rule of Prime Wezzix, but in a historically magical land, such stability does not come about on its own. Follow this fantasy saga of Merolate’s leadership as they struggle to maintain their nation amidst the powerful forces that are constantly at work around them.

Current Blood Magic Episode: S2:E12: Pifecha, Part Two

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War came to Merolate in Pifecha, Part One. The Prime and his forces are in retreat, Guardcaptain Vere is trapped, and the Pifechans appear unstoppable. Find out what happens to our characters in the newly released season finale: Pifecha, Part Two.

I’ve finished the first draft for S3:E1, and am now getting into revisions. It’s about 11,500 words. If I can keep up this pace, I won’t feel a need to do revisions for season three in 2023, which would be nice.

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