Follow the adventures of Kiluron and Doil!

The primedom of Merolate has enjoyed a period of stability under the rule of Prime Wezzix, but in a historically magical land, such stability does not come about on its own. Follow this fantasy saga of Merolate’s leadership as they struggle to maintain their nation amidst the powerful forces that are constantly at work around them.

Current Blood Magic Episode: S3:E8: Trust but Verify

Blood Magic News

Guardcaptain Ulurush has her work cut out for her in her new role when concerning reports start coming in (or not coming in) from Corbulate in Trust but Verify.

I’m working on a Blood Magic bonus episode! It will follow Vere’s adventures in the Spiritual Plane, and will be released between episodes ten and eleven.

In case you didn’t know, season two episodes are being revised and re-released on the fifteenth of every month. New episodes for the third and final season are going live on the last day of each month, and will already have been revised, which means that Blood Magic will be entirely complete on the last day of 2022.

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