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Blood Magic

Follow the adventures of Kiluron and Doil in this Arthurian-inspired, alternative world fantasy series

The primedom of Merolate has enjoyed a period of stability under the rule of Prime Wezzix, but in a historically magical land, such stability does not come about on its own. Follow this fantasy saga of Merolate’s leadership as they struggle to maintain their nation amidst the powerful forces that are constantly at work around them. Now on the third and final season!

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Destiny of Kings

Juntan has no idea that he is the prophesied king of his land, and no witch can convince him otherwise…

Destinies abound in fantasy: you have a magic sword, a mysterious parentage, and a birthmark shaped like the continent, so you must be the child of prophecy! This stand-alone novella follows Juntan, said to be just such a child of prophecy. But there’s a problem: the only person who doesn’t believe in his destiny is himself.

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Dragon’s Hoard

Some dragons hoard gold or jewels, but Cognōscere hoards the greatest treasure: knowledge.

Rumors abound about Cognōscere’s vast library in Mount Bibliotheca, and Rivi is determined to prove they are true – by stealing from it. But no one should tamper with a dragon’s geas lightly.

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What is an executioner unmasked?

In ancient times, executions were a public spectacle, and death was not the punishment meted out – it was just a byproduct. Behind every execution is an executioner, but always masked…

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Fo’Fonas is currently an in-progress series. Lloyd Earickson finished the first draft of Verdon’s Tragedy, a stand-alone novel set in the same world, in spring 2022.

When Lomboc left his island home behind, he was just trying to find a direction for his life. He never expected that his path would take him from the Ligron Plaines to the mythical Forfas, much less whirl him up into a conflict set to shake the world to its foundations…

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The Grounds Warden

The first story ever published by IGC Publishing, The Grounds Warden will always have a special place here on the site.

The titular grounds warden tends an ancient castle for his unseen saviors. When a great beast assaults his home on one terrible night, he is ill-equipped to grasp the confrontation, for all is not as it seems…

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The Hunt

This story was inspired by a real dream Lloyd Earickson experienced, although many details have been changed in order to create a semi-cohesive story.

I’m blinking, and it’s light outside, light with the golden quality of a hot, early morning, filtered through tree leaves.  It’s a light that I know well, from my youthful days in Scouts, and the air smells familiar, too.  None of it should be there.  For one thing, I knew it was supposed to be dark outside.  I’d been tossing and turning for much of the night, too hot to sleep.  With no air conditioning and temperatures barely getting to the seventies at night, there was little respite, and the usual escape of sleep was often elusive. Just a moment ago, I had checked the clock on the bedside table, careful not to wake my wife when I did so, and it had read 00:07, just after midnight, on September 4th.  I know that time can be distorted by sleep, but I’m certain that I didn’t sleep straight through into this midmorning sunlight…

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In My Defense: My Role in Mr. Shortop’s Discoveries

A Jules Verne-style adventure story exploring ideas of first contact and scientific responsibility.

Mr. Vinalin, a cryptographer and linguist, writes a letter defending his involvement in a pivotal scientific expedition after its results in proving a fringe theory cause widespread unrest and shake civilization’s basic assumptions.

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Nevia’s Curse

Another story exploring the idea of prophecy, and how sleeping nightmares sometimes become waking ones…

Nevia has the curse of prophecy. People call it a gift, but it is a curse, for whatever she sees must come true, and there is nothing that she can do to stop or alter that future. When she dreams of the end of the world, therefore, she knows that waking will bring no relief.

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This story was originally published with the title Halloween Special 2019, and can still be found under that name for its URL.

As a fungus spreads around the world that infects human brains and turns its victims into zombie-like creatures, an archeologist and his vampire assistant journey to an ancient temple in search of a solution.

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