Charmers is published! In case you didn’t read the post title, or maybe I’m simply not tired of saying that, yet. Because Charmers is not published here on IGC Publishing, but in an actual, third-party publication. Yes, my submission to the March Elegant Literature contest “Gambler’s Grief” was accepted for publication and is available to read now. Head over to their magazine to download the “Gambler’s Grief” issue.

I’ll follow up later this week with an author’s note talking about the story and more details about where it was published and so forth; this post is just an announcement, because this is exciting. It’s my first professional publication, Charmers is a fun story that I think you’ll enjoy, and Elegant Literature is an excellent resource and opportunity for new writers. All of these are excellent reasons for an out-of-cycle post. Plus, you might enjoy the other stories in the magazine, too.

Look for the author’s note and discussion for Charmers to come out soon, and in the meantime, I hope you give “Gambler’s Grief” a read.

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