Episode 1: Flailing in the Dark

As the new Prime, Kiluron must navigate the treacherous waters of Merolate politics, and deal with the aftermath of the battle at Gältrok’nör.

Episode 2: Witch’s Heir

A mysterious woman arrives in Merolate, where she becomes torn between what she has experienced, and her mother’s dying wish.

Episode 3: Strange Lands

Explorers from across the sea come to Merolate, with amazing resources and abilities, but relations turn sour when they refuse to share their knowledge.

Episode 4: Fallen Angel

After a star apparently falls from the sky, a prophet appears, proclaiming that it is a goddess being punished for celestial sins.  Meanwhile, an expedition is dispatched to retrieve the starmetal.

Episode 5: In Contempt

When Kiluron takes up the cause of a group of blood worshippers, he places Doil in an awkward position, leading Kiluron to turn elsewhere for help.

Episode 6: Contaminant, Part 1

Plague strikes Merolate, sweeping through the population.  Prime Kiluron attempts to contain the outbreak, while Doil searches for a cure.

Episode 7: Contaminant, Part 2

When Prime Kiluron is afflicted with the plague, Doil must seek a cure on his own.

Episode 8: Rest for the Weary

With Merolate safe for the time being, Kiluron, Doil, and Lady Fetrina take a well-earned late summer vacation.

Episode 9: Bread and Steel

Guardcaptain Vere leads a humanitarian mission to Old Sankt, but he feels that his talents are wasted.

Episode 10: Older Than Stone

Driven from their secret hiding places, but unwilling to reveal what threatened them, the ancient dragons seek to negotiate with Merolate for territory.

Episode 11: Pifecha, Part 1

Island outposts stop reporting, and when Guardcaptain Vere is sent to investigate, he vanishes, too.

Episode 12: Pifecha, Part 2

The Pifechan invasion fleet has seized the capitol of Merolate.  In desperate need of an alliance, Prime Kiluron takes a drastic step.