Episode 1: Shards of Glass

Merolate has been liberated, but the costs, both physical and personal, have been high.  Kiluron and Doil must try to put the pieces back together.

Episode 2: The Society of the Broken Promise

Prime Kiluron is being targeted by a sect of blood-powered assassins from the old days of Gältrok’nör, but their reasons are a mystery.

Episode 3: Making Change

A merchant is accused of selling dangerous merchandise and swindling customers at the Prime’s Progress.

Episode 4: Noble Child

As Arval settles into his new role in Merolate, Doil finally confronts Kiluron about choosing a Sub-Prime.

Episode 5: Blood and Dragons, Part One

The force that first drove the dragons to Merolate has tracked them to their new sanctuary, and it now threatens the entire country in the process.