Weekly Writing Update

Much less progress to report this week, mostly because my writing time went primarily towards trying to get my submission for January's Elegant Literature contest into some kind of halfway decent shape. That would be less frustrating if the effort was successful, but it was not.

Diné Bahaneʼ Review

When I eventually came across Diné Bahaneʼ, billed as the Navajo creation story, it immediately went on my reading list, and I was even more excited when I began the book.  Not only is Diné Bahaneʼ exactly what it claims to be, it is also a serious, scholarly treatment of the story, as accurately translated from an oral tradition as Zolbrod could manage.

Weekly Writing Update

I'm still struggling with how to rewrite the idea I have for January's Elegant Literature contest. I've now tried it as epistolary, as an in-world artifact, and as a traditional narrative, so we'll see what I come up with to try next week.

A News Story

Breaking news: we're discussing "the news" for today's post. A massive topic, with entire facets meritorious of their own posts, but for today I prefer to focus on the most fundamental questions when analyzing the news as a concept: what is the news, and is "news" valuable?