When Lomboc left his island home behind, he was just trying to find a direction for his life. He never expected that his path would take him from the Ligron Plaines to the mythical Forfas, much less whirl him up into a conflict set to shake the world to its foundations…

Fo’Fonas News

It’s going to be a long time before even the first Fo’Fonas novel is ready to be published. However, the rough draft has generated a lot of excitement amongst my alpha readers, and references to it keep making their way into my blog posts, so I decided it was time to set up something more formal on the site to share what I know about Fo’Fonas so far, and to keep you up to date on the writing process. Aside from blog posts mentioning Fo’Fonas, this will be the new center for everything Fo’Fonas.

Fo’Fonas World Map

Please note that this is only a rough draft, and that everything up to and including the location of continents is still subject to change.

Fo’Fonas Series Progress

Book 1 (working title: At the Top of the World): Draft 2: 1% complete

Book 2 (working title: The Coming Storm): Draft 1: 45% complete

  • Word count: 84107
  • Last sentence written: “Instructions given, Rof swung a cloak about himself and stepped out into the street.”

Book 3 (working title: Storm Swept): Draft 1: not started

Book 4 (working title: none): Draft 1: not started

Related Works Progress

Verdon short (working title: Verdon’s Tragedy): Draft 1: 80%

Pinalora exploratory (working title: Fickle Gods): Draft 1: 10%