Sub-prime Kiluron is Prime Wezzix’s chosen heir, and has been raised from childhood to rule Merolate. Though the sub-Prime is ostensibly the “right hand of Merolate,” Kiluron often feels lost in the role, and finds other ways to be noticed.


In Merolate, it is customary for the sub-prime to take a servant, who will train under the Adviser to the Prime. Upon the sub-Prime’s ascension to the throne, his servant will cease being a servant and become the new Adviser to the Prime. Doil spends most of his time diligently trying to keep up with Kiluron’s antics.


The Prime of Merolate for almost thirty years, Prime Wezzix is not the kind of ruler who inspires the people to sing his praises, but he also doesn’t inspire rebellion. His strict adherence to the absolute rule of law has been in part responsible for Merolate’s long recent stability.


Adviser to Prime Wezzix, Borivat is a scholar a heart, and also Prime Wezzix’s best friend. His relationship with the Prime has often led him to actions and decisions far outside his preferred modes of behavior.


The daughter of a local Merolate lord, Fetrina is inquisitive, embracing the new “rational philosophy” that has become popular in certain circles. She is brilliant in her own way, but her mind has a tendency to get her in situations for which she is not otherwise prepared.


Guardcaptain Vere is possibly the most dangerous man in Merolate. A fantastic swordsman, a brilliant tactician, and a keen-tongued poet, Prime Wezzix offered him the post of High General on four separate occasions, but Vere turned the post down each time, refusing any position that would take him from direct command of his elite castle guard.