Episode 1: Pilot

Kiluron is dispatched to negotiate on behalf of Prime Wezzix with General Parl, governor of the military city of Corbulate, on a matter of legal implementation, but the negotiations become more complicated when priests from the Isle of Blood arrive.

Episode 2: Here There Be Dragons?

Mysterious creatures start attacking frontier farmsteads. When Borivat traces the attacks to an ancient ruin, Kiluron and Doil are sent to investigate, but their scouting mission quickly spirals out of their control.

Episode 3: Thicker Than Blood

A woman claiming to be Doil’s sister arrives in Merolate, but Doil is suspicious.  Meanwhile, Kiluron must deal with a particularly insistent foreign princess.

Episode 4: All Cooped Up and No Place to Go

Attending the annual Winter Ball in Merolate, a celebration that traditionally lasts four days, Kiluron is just trying to find a way out early, but he soon finds that drunk nobles are not the only danger around.

Episode 5: Far From Home

Prime Wezzix hosts visitors from the far north, after their iceship is apparently blown off course in a blizzard.  Tensions mount when they are revealed to be blood worshipers.

Episode 6: A Prime’s Place

Defying Prime Wezzix’s orders, Kiluron leads an expedition into the heart of a storm to resupply a vulnerable outpost.

Episode 7: Cracks in the Ice

A welcome midwinter thaw has everyone out to enjoy the weather, and Kiluron takes Lady Fetrina on his rounds with the city watch.  Doil learns of dark secrets in Borivat’s past.

Episode 8: Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

Doil is convinced he is being stalked by a demon, but no one believes him.  Determined to prove he isn’t crazy, he takes a drastic step.

Episode 9: Unbalanced

Doil and Borivat are at a loss to explain a series of strangely organized weather patterns, when a man arrives in Merolate claiming to possess the ability to see the future.

Episode 10: Blossoming

Merolate celebrates the official coming of spring. Kiluron forces Doil to serve as chaperone for he and Lady Fetrina, but their picnic doesn’t go as planned.

Episode 11: Old Blood, Part 1

Disasters are piling up on the provinces of the Merolate Union. In a bid to salvage the Union, Prime Wezzix attempts to negotiate with an ancient power.

Episode 12: Old Blood, Part 2

Kiluron forges a dangerous, fragile alliance in an effort to rescue Prime Wezzix and contain Gältrok’nör’s Guardian, but he faces a difficult choice in the season one finale.