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The eighth Blood Magic episode is now live! Be sure to read it before the ninth episode comes out at the end of September, and consider leaving a comment or review in the section below the story. Have questions or thoughts about Blood Magic? Try using our dedicated forum.

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Season 1, Episode 8: Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

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Write about a fantasy-style civilization from a science-fiction-style perspective.

*Writing prompts will be updated sporadically. Historical prompts can be found on the Writing Prompts page. Readers are encouraged to write in response to the prompt, and can post their work on the Writing Prompts page. Please include the prompt at the top of your comment.


  • Stormbird Review
    What is the modern fantasy genre may arguably be said to have been derived from historical fiction. After all, much of classical fantasy was derived from the myths and legends of times gone by, and for a long time (arguably to this day), fantasy was significantly stuck in twelfth century Europe. The genre has since expanded far beyond those historical beginnings, with subgenres like alternative world fantasy that are set in completely different universes, with their own laws of physics, and with characters that sometimes aren’t human at all. However, given that heritage, it perhaps should not be terribly surprising that a historical fiction novel about the Wars of the Roses would read more like fantasy than anything else.
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