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The seventh Blood Magic episode is now live! And it might be the most exciting one since episode two. Don’t forget to leave a review in the comments section below the story, and set your calendars for the end of August, when episode eight will go live.

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Season 1, Episode 7: Cracks in the Ice

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Computer programmers are master wizards, and computers are their magic wands/staffs/amulets. Write.

*Writing prompts will be updated sporadically. Historical prompts can be found on the Writing Prompts page. Readers are encouraged to write in response to the prompt, and can post their work on the Writing Prompts page. Please include the prompt at the top of your comment.


  • A Fiery Peace in a Cold War
    This book, with its focus on Schriever and how he became known as the father of the high-technology Air Force, is more directly relevant to my professional life than most of what I read, what with the current efforts to stand up an independent Space Force. However, it is more than simply a chronicle of Schriever’s efforts to build an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). In fact, for all that this book uses Schriever as a common thread, Schriever seemed to exist in this narrative to assist in bringing all of the other pieces and players to the stage at the right times
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