IGC News:

Executioner, an original IGC Publishing short story, was released today. You can read way more than you need to know about it here, or just go straight to the story.

August’s Blood Magic episode, Drive On, is now live! After putting aside the flying machine project, Arval has a new focus for his talents.

I submitted Dragon’s Hoard to September’s Elegant Literature contest. Watch for updates in November.

The poll in this weekly writing update didn’t function properly, so I’m re-posting the poll here on the homepage. Vote now to influence what I write in 2023.

Current Blood Magic Episode:

Season 3, Episode 9: Drive On

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Writing Prompt:

Write a story with a setting that involved alpine archipelagos.

*Writing prompts will be updated sporadically. Historical prompts can be found on the Writing Prompts page. Readers are encouraged to write in response to the prompt, and can post their work on the Writing Prompts page. Please include the prompt at the top of your comment.