IGC News:

Charmers is published! You can find it in the “Gambler’s Grief” edition of Elegant Literature. It’s my first professional publication, so we’re pretty excited about it. Head over there to read it now.

I submitted Finding Eden to Elegant Literature‘s “Fool’s Errand” prompt. Watch for updates at the beginning of July.

A Meal to Live For wasn’t accepted for publication in Elegant Literature – it will be released on October 3rd here on the IGC Publishing.

Current Impressions Progress:

Chapter 14 completed on 3 June. Total word count: 60,336. Overall progress: ~35%

Books to Read

Writing Prompt:

Write a story involving transcranial photobiomodulation.

*Writing prompts will be updated sporadically. Historical prompts can be found on the Writing Prompts page. Readers are encouraged to write in response to the prompt, and can post their work on the Writing Prompts page. Please include the prompt at the top of your comment.