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In case a new novella wasn’t enough, the ninth Blood Magic episode, Unbalanced, is now live here on the site! Head over the to season one page to read it, and be sure to set your calendars for the end of October, when the tenth episode in the series will be posted right here at IGC Publishing.

We just published a new novella, The Hunt! Head over to Our Works to read the story, or go to my recent blog post to learn more about how this particular piece came into existence.

Current Blood Magic Episode:

Season 1, Episode 9: Unbalanced

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Writing Prompt:

Ceramics are considered an up-and-coming material with a great deal of promise for all kinds of applications that we normally think of as being the province of metals: engines, blades, even some electronics. Write a world in which ceramics have been mastered for such a purpose. (Note: this prompt evolved from an idea I had for a story involving a ceramic sword)

*Writing prompts will be updated sporadically. Historical prompts can be found on the Writing Prompts page. Readers are encouraged to write in response to the prompt, and can post their work on the Writing Prompts page. Please include the prompt at the top of your comment.