To be perfectly honest, I don’t like Halloween. No doubt I did when I was younger, but honestly the only positive thing I can remember about the holiday was a convenient excuse to justify walking around the neighborhood with a sword. Even then, I wasn’t really in it for the candy (nobody hands out high quality dark chocolate to trick-or-treaters). My general estimation of the festivities has not improved since.

However, Halloween is perhaps one of the best holidays for creative writing. Something about the holiday makes it more acceptable than usual to write about ghouls, ghosts, zombies, vampires, spirits, and various otherwise overused specimens of the paracosmic domains. Now, I’m definitely not a horror writer – my demons tend to be too misunderstood, my vampires too noble, my ghosts too sarcastic, and my ghouls too diligent – but I do enjoy occasionally dabbling with these subjects.

If you’re looking for something to read while the witches prowl about across the face of the looming moon, and the werewolves stalk the darkened alleys, and Death itself might ride its nightmare through the streets, then I encourage you to check out our recently released short story, Zombies. Find it here.

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