Well, I’ve finished my read-through of the first Fo’Fonas novel (current working title is At the Top of the World). I’ve made extensive notes, and will be combining my own notes and changes with the feedback I get from my various test readers to inform my revision process. Some of the major changes that I’m currently tracking are:

  • Introduce all of the viewpoint characters sooner (there are a couple who don’t get introduced until practically the end of the book)
  • Make the book longer (specifically, flesh out the various journeys and include more character development)
  • Continuity cleanup
  • Smooth out the transitions, spend more time with each character before jumping to the next

By the way, thank you to all of my test readers who have been starting to give me feedback on the novel. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into doing so, and it’s very helpful for the revision process.

For now, I’ll be reading Dune, before moving on to finish the Lightbringer series. You can keep track of what I’m currently reading here.

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