I don’t remember precisely where I heard the phrase, or if I came up with it myself, but I’ve long enjoyed referring to myself, in a writing sense, as someone who tells lies and gets paid for it. Admittedly, I haven’t managed the getting paid for it part yet, but hopefully that will come with more effort on my part. Unfortunately, this would-be professional liar is now confronted with the difficult task of being truthful.

It’s easy to hide behind characters, personas, various facades. I read once that social media, and various other online forums, are particularly attractive to introverts, because they can be apparently open without truly exposing themselves. Unfortunately, I suspect that building a facade would be ineffective here, not if my vision for this site, and my writing endeavors, is to succeed. Instead, I will have to do something far more difficult on this blog than any novel writing; I will have to be genuine.

This is definitely not to say that you can expect vivid details of my personal life – that’s creepy. However, I can’t purely maintain the persona of the agent of the Intergalactic Coalition that I built into my author biography. To some extent, I will need to share, in this disturbingly public forum, the challenges, realities, and excitements as I go about my writing, publishing, marketing, and ultimately selling (I hope). It means that I will have to trust you, dear reader, because in turn, perhaps you will trust me enough to read my books.

That being said, I’ll leave it up to you to determine what is fact, and what is fiction.

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