Welcome to the twelfth post in our Sententia Discussion series! Please engage in the discussion below the post. For a reminder of what the Sententia Discussion series is, and how it’s supposed to work, see this post. Remember, discussion topics will be posted on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.


Therapists, psychiatrists, religious leaders, consultants, and other forms of counselors have rapidly proliferated in recent decades. It sometimes seems almost like the modern Oracle – you have a question about what you ought to do, so instead of going to the Oracle at Delphi for a prophecy, you go to the local psychiatrist for an augury.


What makes people willing to expose their deepest secrets and problems to relative strangers charging a fee for the privilege, when they won’t be so open with their closest friends and loved ones?

Why are people throughout history drawn to such outside sources of authority, when the answers are often ambiguous at best?

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