Week of 27 February to 05 March 2022

Introduction: What/Why is a Weekly Writing Update?

Welcome to our first weekly writing update! At least, the intention is for these to be weekly, and I will do my best to stick to that, even if some weeks it might be a post that doesn’t have a lot to say. Unlike our Tuesday blog posts and Thursday book reviews, these will not be scheduled months in advance, because the goal here is to share a little of what I’ve written in more or less the present.

This is at least as much a selfish initiative as it is something that I hope you as readers will find valuable and interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of Blood Magic, even though I still have nine episodes to write, and what will come next. Increasingly, I don’t think that I want to start doing another monthly series like Blood Magic, and would instead prefer to focus on developing my longer form storytelling; however, that will entail some changes to how I’ve been running the site.

One of those changes is this weekly writing update. Blood Magic has meant that I’ve had new content to release at least once per month, but that won’t be the case if I’m working more on novellas and novels. To make up for that, and help remind readers that we’re still around and keep them posted on my writing progress, I’ve decided to try doing these weekly writing updates. I call them selfish because this is about keeping me on track, too. Having the committment of releasing a new Blood Magic episode each month has done wonders for keeping me writing and forcing me to stick to one story and finish it. By making myself publically accountable for my writing progress each week with these update posts, I’m hoping that I can accomplish something similar.

Most of the posts I anticipate will be much shorter than this one, but I did want to provide you all with an explanation. These posts will be focused on only what I’ve been writing, not what I’ve been reading, and will be filed under the “Projects” category. Now that we’ve covered all that, let’s actually get into this week’s writing update.

Writing Update

Most of my writing this week consisted of finishing the first draft of Making Change (Blood Magic S3:E3). Partially this was because I realized that it was somehow already March and that I needed to get onto writing April’s episode soon, and partially it was because I figured out what had been missing from the episode and slowing down my progress before now. I’d say 70% of the story was written this week, once I realized how to make Arval’s time at the Progress a little more interesting. I also did the revisions, which mostly involved laying the groundwork for the conflict in the earlier sections that I had already written.

I briefly began April’s Blood Magic episode, Noble Child, which I’m currently intending to pick up more or less from where Making Change leaves off. Only about a thousand words written there so far, but it feels good to have it started. I’d like to get more than a month ahead, if I can.

Most of my other writing this week was site-related. Making Change needed a release post, and I wrote a quick piece for the article that we posted yesterday. There was also a little movement on Verdon’s Tragedy.

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back next week with another weekly writing update. Be sure to follow the site to know as soon as we post something new. As always, thanks for your support of IGC Publishing.

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