Week of 31 July to 06 August

Mediocre.  That is how I would describe my writing this week.  It was not a dull, insipid writing week in which no amount of forcing myself to sit in front of the computer with my Word document open would result in the production of meaningful text, but neither was it the kind of energetic week of furious typing that annoys anyone in range of my keyboard’s clacking as I struggle to make my fingers keep pace with the words whirling around in my head and seeking escape onto the page.  It was middling.  As I said, mediocre.

I was not inspired, I did not have sweeping flights of fancy, I did not finish novels or sculpt plots, but I did force myself to sit in front of my computer I write words onto the page.  I wrote about four thousand words of Drive On, which places it at about the halfway point, maybe a little past it.  I made progress, but did not finish, revisions on Rest for the Weary and Trust but Verify.  There is time for both of those, yet, though I do need to get at least the former completed next week.  Other than stories, I finally got back on track with writing pieces for Tuesday posts; I cranked out three essays this week that will be going live in a few months, and a book review.

With some effort, even if it’s another week like this one, I think I can get Drive On’s first draft finished next week, along with revisions on Rest for the Weary.  I’d like to finish the revisions on Trust but Verify, too, so that I don’t have revisions on two season three episodes stacking up, but we’ll see how the week progresses.  You’ll find out in next week’s weekly writing update.

In the meantime, you have an exciting post on Tuesday about the concept of common law to look forward to, and a review on Thursday for Unlimited Memory.  Oh, and Monday will feature a special bonus post announcing the details on that special Blood Magic progress I keep referencing vaguely in these update posts, so make sure not to miss that one. I’ll be back here next week with another update.

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