Week of 21 August to 27 August

Compared to the past two weeks, my word count this week was minimal, but I would not call it a poor writing week. Rather, my attentions were turned more towards revisions than new content. I finished revisions to Trust but Verify (which ended up needing less than I expected it to after I finished the first draft), and I put my Executioner story through the revision wringer for contest submission. Plus, I started revisions on both Drive On and Principles.

Outside of that, I made a little progress on A Spiritual Journey, fiddled with a couple of writing exercises for practice rather than publication, and wrote a handful of new posts for the site that you’ll get to see…in December.

Trust but Verify comes out this upcoming week on Wednesday, so I hope you all have your calendars already marked for that; on Tuesday we’ll be discussing why I don’t outline my stories, and Thursday’s review is for a biography of Sandra Day O’Connor. That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week with another update, and hopefully more progress to report.

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