Week of 28 August to 03 September

August has ended, it’s Labor Day weekend, and autumn will be upon us before we know it, which means that I am starting to feel some urgency to finish Blood Magic. I’d like to have A Spiritual Journey‘s first draft finished no later than the end of September, to give me plenty of time to write and revise both parts of Balancing Act. I did make some progress this week, and the story is now sitting at about fourteen thousand words, which I estimate is about two thirds of the final count. Revisions are also progressing on Drive On, Principles, and Bread and Steel.

As I close in on the end of Blood Magic, I increasingly turn my attention to other projects and stories. I did some work on my Necromancer story, and I fiddled around with an idea for September’s Elegant Literature prompt, although neither of those is the next ‘big project’ for IGC Publishing. But we’ll talk more about that in the annual Intergalactic Update, coming up later this month (click here to read last year’s update).

I am falling behind in my regular post writing – I’m only scheduled out through the end of December right now – so I need to turn my attention to that effort at some point. A ‘show, don’t tell’ post is in order, but I’m struggling to fully capture my thoughts on that axiom in a coherent way. Another science/technology post is probably in order, too.

For the upcoming week, we’re going to discuss writing aliens (and why I am dissatisfied with all of my attempts to date) on Tuesday, and we’ll be posting a review for Brandon Sanderson‘s Mistborn: Final Empire on Thursday. This will be the start of the Mistborn reviews: I spread the first era out over six weeks, and then there will be a break before the reviews for the second era, all prompted by my re-read of the series in preparation for the conclusion of the second era coming out in November. I hope that you’re enjoying Trust but Verify, which came out this past week, and I’ll meet you here next week with another update.

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