Week of 18 September to 24 September

Maybe some people, especially of the artistic persuasion, are happiest when they are inspired to create something, but I am more satisfied to look back on a week in which I met my goals than one in which I was swept away by some flight of fancy. Not that I turn down the weeks where I crank out entire novellas on a whim because that’s what’s in my head, but it is more important to me to be consistent. When I have a good writing week where I meet my goals, I know that was because of deliberate choices I made, and that I can repeat it.

It’s satisfying, therefore, to be able to report that I finished the rough draft of A Spiritual Journey, the Blood Magic bonus episode that will be coming out in November. Even though it proved longer than I expected by almost four thousand words (and almost double my original estimate for the project), I got it done this week, and I am pleased with the results. I intend to write the rough drafts for episodes 35 and 36 before turning my attention back to revisions for the bonus episode.

I made some progress on revisions to Principles, which I intend to finish next week (that’s October’s episode), and I did a preliminary revision on Dragon’s Hoard, which I will be submitting to a contest next week (preliminary because I am still waiting on some feedback on the story). Balancing Act also officially began this week, though I don’t know if you can count a mere five hundred words as much of a beginning. Plus, I worked on a short story idea in some spare time which may or may not go anywhere; it’s based on the historical concept of ‘cradles of nations,’ regions from whence new cultures and peoples seemed to appear against and again throughout history.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the 2022 Intergalactic Update, which we posted this past Tuesday. Aside from reflections on the past year, it has a lot of thoughts about what you can expect in the year to come. Speaking of which, I’d appreciate it if you could head over to the home page and respond to the poll there about what projects you’d most like to see me focus upon in 2023.

We’re going to talk about essays in Tuesday’s post this week, which will hopefully not insight too many flashbacks to high school English classes, and we’ll be reviewing six of Plato’s Dialogues on Thursday. Somehow, it’s already the end of September, so a new Blood Magic episode, Drive On, will be released on Friday. Be sure to check the site regularly for more new content, and I’ll be back next week with another weekly writing update.

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