Week of 06 November to 12 November

I said last week that I needed to make sure to be extra productive this week, and I mostly succeeded in that goal. I finished two passes of revisions on A Spiritual Journey, although I think that story will require one more pass before I release it on December 10th, and I finished revisions on Pifecha, Part One, which will be re-released this Tuesday, November 15th. In case that wasn’t enough revising for one week, I also got a start on revisions for Balancing Act, Part One, which goes live at the end of November. That was part of starting Balancing Act, Part Two.

Progress on Balancing Act, Part Two is slow so far, with less than a thousand words this week, mostly because I’m still not entirely sold on the viewpoint I chose to begin the episode. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I have plenty of time to think about it before I will have concentrated writing time for that project again, since, as I mentioned in last week’s update, next week will feature close to zero writing time. Really, whose idea was it to put national novel writing month in November? November is always a busy month. Anyway, I will hopefully make good progress two weeks from now, but I do not anticipate having this episode finished by the end of November. Good thing it’s not due out until the end of December.

Speaking of next week, we’re going to be skipping next week’s weekly writing update, since I don’t anticipate having any substantial updates for you. Still, thanks to the magic of scheduled posts, you will be seeing, aside from a re-release of a Blood Magic episode, a post about a technique for keeping track of terms in your stories, and a review for The King of Elfland’s Daughter. Hopefully, you will find those interesting, and I’ll be back two weeks from now with another weekly writing update, and (fingers crossed) a lot of progress to report on Balancing Act, Part Two.

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