With the holiday this week, I’ll only be making one post. As much as the weather may be conducive to curling up with a good book, Thanksgiving really should be a chance to spend time with family (and eat too much, of course), not hide from them with a book (or blog post). That’s how I will present an altruistic reason for selfishly taking a break from both my real job, and my website maintenance this week.

This is not to say that I won’t likely do some writing while I’m on vacation. After all, I have several people who would be quite displeased if I didn’t use the time to make some progress on the second Fo’Fonas novel. Speaking of, I should probably post something a little more detailed about that story at some point, if I’m going to keep referencing it.

I’ll be back next week with two posts as usual. For now, if you’ll be travelling this Thanksgiving, then I bid you safe travels, and regardless, I bid you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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