For all of you who were eagerly anticipating my review of the China book, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s a pretty heavy book (after all, there’re several thousand years of history to cover), and it’s taking me longer to get through it than I had hoped. This is not helped by having been rather busy recently and not having as much time to read as I usually carve for myself.

I had been managing to sustain the review a week because of the backlog of books I had achieved going into the new year, and some shorter, lighter books for most of the start of the year. Now that I’m through that backlog, and have gotten into some thicker pieces of literature, I’m not going to be able to keep up with doing a review each week. Of course, I could review books I’ve read in the past, before I started posting reviews on the site, but that seems like cheating.

With all that in mind, there will be a bit of a change in programming going forward. Every Tuesday will still be reserved for writing thoughts, random essays, and other esoterica that I choose to post on the site. Thursdays will still be reserved for book reviews, but there will only be a post on Thursdays when I actually have a book to review. Doubtless this is not the ideal decision from a site traffic perspective – consistent and frequent posting is the key to driving site traffic – but for my own schedule, and the integrity of the site, I think it is the right decision to make.

So make sure that you check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for more posts from me about books and writing, and follow my blog so you’ll always know when there’s something new to read.

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