With regret, we are going to cancel the remaining Sententia discussion posts of the year.  Due to a lack of apparent interest, I’ve decided to focus my efforts more on the regular weekly postings, and on generating new, original content.  This will not affect the Tuesday posts, the Thursday book reviews, or the Blood Magic schedule.

I vacillate frequently between wanting to make the site a general publishing forum for a wide array of different content, and thinking that it makes more sense to focus on a specific niche of speculative fiction publishing.  Unfortunately, balancing the site with my “real” job and life does occasionally cause reality to intrude, and a cost-benefit analysis of the Sententia posts suggested that I would be better served dedicating that time to other writing.  That is the main purpose of the site, after all, and no matter how well the site is doing, if I don’t have new content to post regularly then I’m not meeting that purpose.

Although I’ve been keeping pace with Blood Magic new content and revisions, and writing new posts, I’ve not done as much work on other projects as I would have liked this year.  One of my goals for the year had been to finish Verdon’s Tragedy, which would be an independent novella set in the Fo’Fonas world, but I’ve barely touched that story.  Canceling the Sententia posts will free up slightly more time to allow me to focus on writing new stories and continuing existing projects.  So think of this as a way for you to have more stories to read that much sooner.

If things change, and as the site evolves, I remain open to resurrecting this discussion series.  For now, I encourage you to keep reading.

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