Week of 03 April to 09 April

This was a pretty good week, writing-wise. I wrote almost fifteen thousand words of Verdon’s Tragedy, which puts me firmly over eighty thousand words total on that project. It’s kind of an exciting milestone, since the industry generally regards eighty thousand words as the start of novel-length works. Yes, this was originally intended as a novella – it has since grown a bit. However, it will still prove short compared to the mainline Fo’Fonas novels, which I am anticipating will clock in in the two hundred thousand plus words range.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out, although I know it’s going to need significant revisions, and I’m hoping to get a lot of helpful feedback when I send it out to some test readers. It’s a little bit of a dark piece, so I am worried that it will be difficult for people to get through – hopefully Verdon will be an interesting enough character to people that they will want to find out what happens to him. That being said, this is called a tragedy for a reason. As I was working on it this week, it occurred to me that a major source of tension later in the story is the anticipation of what kind of terrible thing is going to happen to Verdon next.

Blood and Dragons saw some solid progression, as well. I’m approaching ten thousand words on part one – not as much as I had wanted to finish this week, but the extra progress on Verdon’s Tragedy helps compensate for that. After several episodes without a lot of Doil, you’ll be glad to know that he has a much larger role to play in this one. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish part one next week, and start into part two.

Besides progress on Blood and Dragons, I also finished revising In Contempt – a post on those revisions will be released in May. Plus, I wrote several book reviews, and an essay on the concept of common law; expect to see those in August or September. For the week ahead, you have a post on my struggles with writing endings, and a review of Writing 21st Century Fiction. I’ll also be working on a secret project today that I will hopefully be telling you all about soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow the site to keep up to date on IGC Publishing, and I’ll be back next Sunday with another weekly writing update.

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