Week of 15 May to 21 May

Quite a productive writing week this time. I finally finished Blood and Dragons, and I’m really pleased with how both parts came out – revisions are going smoothly so far, and I haven’t found a need for any major changes to the story. The second part closed just shy of sixteen thousand words, which while on the long side is about what I plan for on these two-parters. There’s just too much story to tell to really make something like this much shorter.

Even with finishing that episode and starting revisions, I was able to get a good amount of other writing done. The next Blood Magic episode, A Matter of Facts, is coming along nicely at about seventeen hundred words so far, and I’m also about three thousand words into a secret Blood Magic related project that will be announced in early August.

I made a little progress on Verdon’s Tragedy, which I really need to turn some serious attention to soon if I’m going to have the rough draft done by July, which is my goal. If I were forced to estimate, I’d say I have about twenty thousand words left on that story, which didn’t seem too bad when I was charging through five thousand plus words a week, but with my progress now closer to a few hundred words a week, I need to get serious about it. The problem is, as it gets closer to the ending, I’m worrying over how to make sure the ending is worth all of the pain I put Verdon through to get to that point.

If that wasn’t enough writing, I also started work on another secret project, which I think might end up taking up some of the slack from Blood Magic‘s conclusion after the end of this year. I don’t want to drop too many details just yet, but suffice to say for now that it’s related to Gilgamesh. This is the sort of project that is going to take a fair amount of research and planning to make work right, but if I decide to go through with it the results could be quite interesting.

All told, I think I wrote something like ten thousand words of new story or story-related material this week, not including work I did on blog posts and book reviews, which I’d like to think is somewhat respectable for someone doing this as a hobby. Anyway, next week we’re going to dive into some thoughts on story pacing, and we’ll have a book review for a practical handbook on staging a coup. Don’t forget to follow the site to keep up to date on all of the latest IGC Publishing news and updates.

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