Week of 29 May to 04 June

Normally, I have a good writing routine, so that even when I get busy with work, or with life, or with both, I’m still able to make a decent amount of progress towards my writing goals. That’s important, since busyness happens, and Blood Magic episodes need to get written before their deadlines come. Being consistent with my writing routine is the only way something like the Blood Magic schedule is possible.

That means that it’s when a week is not routine that I end up getting the least amount of writing done, even if the week is not necessarily busier, and as you probably inferred by now, such was this past week of writing. My schedule was very unpredictable and erratic this week, which led to not nearly as much writing as I would have liked. Yes, I technically have until the end of July to finish A Matter of Facts, but I would really like to have more progress to show by this point, especially since I’ve given myself some extra Blood Magic homework to do (details to come in a future post).

What I did manage to make good progress on was research for a potential “what’s next” project to follow after Blood Magic concludes at the end of the year. Again, I don’t want to share any details on that until I know what’s going to become of it, and make some kind of official announcement, but at least for this week it allowed me to have something to show for the time I spent on writing.

We did have a new Blood Magic episode go live this past Tuesday. You’ve been reading about my progress on Blood and Dragons for months now – be sure to read the first part, which is now live! If you want to read my detailed thoughts on the writing, check out the release post.

That’s all for this week. Hopefully, next week’s writing update will be a little more exciting, and not just me complaining about disruptions to my routine. We have another essay coming up for this week’s Tuesday post, this one on responsibility, and our book review is for Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. Be sure to follow the site for the latest updates and IGC news.

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