Week of 05 June to 11 June

Finally, I had a relatively productive writing week. Not the kind of writing week where I feel like I could finish a full novel in a week or two, but the kind where I make good, steady progress on multiple stories, and push those word counts higher. Word count certainly isn’t everything when it comes to writing, but it is a very useful quantifier.

I’d say I’m about halfway done with A Matter of Facts, which is July’s Blood Magic episode. It’s going to be shorter than most of the recent episodes, probably closer to eight thousand words than twelve thousand words, but I’m okay with that; it helps balance out some of the longer episodes, and that will make it a lighter story in both content and format. Which is good, because after this one there really aren’t any light episodes left in the series.

Progress on Verdon’s Tragedy is slow, but steady. That pace is significantly affected as I am plotting out some of the revisions I will need to make and foreshadowing I will need to do in order to make the two-part climax work properly, since it’s hard to feel like I’m generating good writing when I know the groundwork for it doesn’t yet exist. I’d like to finish chapter eighteen next week – there should only be two or three more chapters after that one is complete. Then, it’s onto revisions.

You know I like my side projects, and with it already being June, I’ve been feeling guilty that I haven’t released any extra stories for the site. With that in mind, and inspired by my own prompt in last week’s microbiome post, I started work this week on a science fiction story about necromancy. That might sound pretty strange, but I think it’s a nice little story, which I hope to finish by the end of June, including revisions. It’s at about five thousand words right now.

So, a good writing week. Next week puts us halfway through June already, somehow, so the revised version of Contaminant, Part One will be re-released on Wednesday. On Tuesday, we’ll be discussing number systems, and our book review is for The Art of Thinking Clearly. Don’t forget to follow the site for all of our latest updates, and I’ll see you back here next week with another weekly writing update.

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