Week of 14 August to 20 August

This week doesn’t quite compare to last week in sheer word count, but that doesn’t mean I failed to be productive. I finished Principles, which gives me some extremely helpful breathing room in my Blood Magic writing schedule in which to work on the bonus episode before I start on Balancing Act, the two-part conclusion to the series. Principles is the end of the Pifechan story arc, and it features me indulging my proclivities for both legal philosophy and etymology.

I made some progress on revisions to Trust but Verify, as well as Drive On. Both of those are going more slowly than I’d like – by which I mean that I am having a hard time forcing myself to sit down and work on them – but having only a week and a half before Trust but Verify needs to be released should help light a fire. Plus, I don’t like having three episodes stacked up and awaiting revisions.

Speaking of revisions, I received some helpful feedback on Executioner, the story I intend to submit to a contest this month. I’m still waiting on feedback from a few other readers, but I’ve begun revisions on that story; I want to be submitting it by the end of next week, well before the contest deadline of 31 August.

I’ve also been fiddling around with a concept for a story this week in which a pantheon of deities seeks to establish their primacy over each other through gladiatorial fights between their chosen avatars. Not the most creative concept, but the twist is that the protagonist would be the avatar for a god who won’t help him (or her – haven’t decided yet) because that god believes in free will. It would be just a short story, but it’s intriguing, so you might see more of that in the future.

There are no special posts this upcoming week, so we’re back to the usual Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Tuesday’s post features a discussion of a technology that claims to be capable of revising our memories, and the philosophical/moral implications thereof, which is serving as the first half of an essay series examining the intersections of technology and personal existence. Thursday’s book review will be for Brunelleschi’s Dome, discussing the construction, and the architect behind the construction, of Santa Maria del Fiore. That’s all I have for this week. Don’t forget to follow the site to stay up to date, and have a great reading week.

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