Week of 25 September to 01 October

At times, September felt like a very long month, and yet here we are, already at its end. You hopefully saw September’s Blood Magic episode, Drive On, go live this past Friday. I also finished revising Dragon’s Hoard and submitted that story to September’s Elegant Literature contest earlier this week.

This was a slower week in writing terms. My main focus was on starting Blood Magic‘s finale, Balancing Act. I know the big events that are going to happen in this two-part episode, but the details of how to start it eluded me, and I tried almost half-a-dozen viewpoints before I found one that seems to be working. The writing will go much faster once I get into the main action, but there are a lot of pieces that I need to resolve or at least follow up on in Balancing Act, so I anticipate that it will be a tougher episode than most. That’s okay: I’ve done a good job of staying ahead, and I have two full months to finish just the first part. That being said, my goal is still to have the draft of part one finished by the end of October.

That was pretty much my writing week. It wasn’t the most productive of weeks, but I did some good revision work, and a lot of the time that went into Balancing Act was mental, rather than increasing the word count. If you read my trail to keyboard post, you know that the mental portion of the writing is just as important, and sometimes more important, than actually putting the words on the page.

For the first week of October you’ll be getting a lengthy discussion of John Milton’s Areopagitica on Tuesday, which I found quite interesting, although I wrote that post so long ago now that I had to refresh my memory of what it was about before I wrote about it here. We’ll also be finishing the trio of reviews for the first era Mistborn trilogy with Hero of Ages. I will also be posting an update about the status of Executioner. If you haven’t already, please fill out the poll on the homepage about what story I should make my main focus after Blood Magic. There’s a lot happening with IGC Publishing right now, so I hope you’ll join me back here next week for another weekly writing update.

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