Week of 09 October to 15 October

Maybe taking a break from Blood Magic after I finished the rough draft of A Spiritual Journey is why it took me so long to get into Balancing Act, but this week I finally got back into it and picked up the flow for the story. Not that the writing magically became fast – there are a lot of elements coming together that I need to keep track of, and I’m still developing a long build to this half’s climax – but the story is moving along now, and there are some sub-conflicts building that are helping make the story more interesting while I’m still laying out the build-up.

I made about six thousand words of progress on Balancing Act (I anticipate each part being about fifteen thousand words)…and that’s about it. Principles got a little attention, and will get more attention next week so that I can get it ready for its release at the end of October, and so that I can move onto revisions for A Spiritual Journey, which I know will take more work. Other than that, my focus was on Balancing Act, and I did not work on other projects.

Hopefully you already saw the re-release of Older Than Stone, which came out yesterday; it not, you can read the release post here. Next week’s posts focus on Pluto, with a science post discussing the origins of the planetary system, and a review for Chasing New Horizons, which details the process by which the New Horizons spacecraft and mission came to be. After that, I’ll be here with another weekly writing update. And don’t forget about the poll taking place on the main page!

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