Week of 30 October to 05 November

After the sprint of productivity last week in which I met my self-imposed deadline to finish Balancing Act‘s first part, along with revisions on Principles (which we released this past Monday), I was hoping for a semi-quiet week with plenty of time to dig into revisions on A Spiritual Journey. That sort of happened, although I did not make nearly the progress that I wanted to on those revisions. The bonus episode is about twice the length of a typical episode, and needs some pretty thorough revisions to be presentable, so the fact that I only got through about a thousand words this week is unfortunate.

I will need to really commit time and dig deeply into those revisions, along with the revisions for Pifecha‘s first part, next week. Actually, I also need to make some good progress on Balancing Act, Part Two next week, because I won’t really have any writing time the third week of November, and then the following week will be limited as well, since that’s Thanksgiving. None of this makes my scheduling impossible, but it does mean that I must be productive on Blood Magic next week…

…And not allow myself to be distracted by writing a couple thousand words of a random story that may or may not go anywhere, like I did this week with something I’m calling Wizard’s Heir. The basic premise is that the tropey Gandalf-figure dies at the beginning of the story, leaving his young apprentice to attempt to help the lost prince find the magic sword and so on and so forth. It’s interesting, and I could see it going somewhere, maybe as a novella or very short novel, but if I should be working on any side projects this month, it should be an entry for Elegant Literature‘s November contest, “World Builders.”

Some of my time this week was also taken up with writing a couple of book reviews, and a few additional posts for the site, including the article that you hopefully saw posted yesterday (and which we will be discussing in more depth on…February 21st, so mark your calendars). Next week we again have a busy schedule, with a discussion of the natural, the unnatural, and the miraculous on Tuesday, a review for The Island of Doctor Moreau on Thursday to conclude our mini-series on HG Wells, and the release here on the site on Wednesday of Dragon’s Hoard, which did not end up published in the “Forgotten Lands” issue of Elegant Literature.

The end of the year is coming up quickly, and with it, the end of Blood Magic. The series is taking on its final shape, and I’m starting to get excited about what I’ll be writing next. If you haven’t already, consider filling out the poll on the homepage about what I should work on next – I may or may not follow what the votes say, but regardless the poll will close at the beginning of December. Don’t forget to follow the site for more updates, and I’ll be back next week with another weekly writing update.

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