Week of 08 January to 14 January

I have been challenged. Specifically, I have been challenged by my wife to write a funny story involving a wizard who enslaves people with bread. We’ll see how I do with Lord of the Levain, but that’s going to be a next week project, because I only received the challenge last night. You can look forward to an update on that next week, but for now, let’s talk about the writing I already did.

Mainly, that involves Impressions, which I am pleased to report is continuing to progress well. It’s sitting at seven thousand words, which means that I about doubled my word count, although technically chapter two is not quite finished. It will be soon, though, and I should be well into chapter three by the time of the next update, if not into chapter four. That will partially depend on how long it takes me to wrangle my story for January’s Elegant Literature contest, which I intend to devote some solid time to completing this week.

This looks to be a pretty short update, since that’s about all I have to say. There’s no movement to report yet on potentially shopping around In My Defense, nor did I work on any of my other works in progress. I’ll need to devote time to them at some point, but Impressions is coming along well, and I don’t want to interrupt that progress when I don’t need to. For upcoming posts, we have some reflections on the nature of progress on Tuesday, and, fittingly enough, a review for Pilgrim’s Progress on Thursday. After that, we’ll be back again with another weekly writing update.

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