The Oresteia Review

The Oresteia merits a special entry because it survives in its entire trilogy form, which is apparently unique amongst the Greek tragedies which are preserved (although some scholars believe that these three-part tragedies were supposed to be completed by a fourth comedic part).  The story is full of twists, turns, and, certainly, tragedy.

Diné Bahaneʼ Review

When I eventually came across Diné Bahaneʼ, billed as the Navajo creation story, it immediately went on my reading list, and I was even more excited when I began the book.  Not only is Diné Bahaneʼ exactly what it claims to be, it is also a serious, scholarly treatment of the story, as accurately translated from an oral tradition as Zolbrod could manage.

Democracy in America Review

Democracy in America, Tocqueville’s nineteenth century commentary inspired by his travels in America and written for his primarily French audience in an attempt to salvage that nation’s struggles with revolution and democracy, is one of those classic works that is referenced over and over in everything from newspaper editorials, to historical essays, to modern, scholarly books.