Week of 22 May to 28 May

If last week was a high wordcount week, this week was the opposite – most of my writing time was occupied in finishing up revisions on both parts of Blood and Dragons (the first part will go live on Tuesday!), which I have not yet learned how to quantify effectively. I did make some small progress on A Matter of Facts and A Spiritual Journey, though.

I may not be able to brag about my wordcount this week, but I’m very pleased with how Blood and Dragons turned out, so I don’t regret taking the time that project deserved. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make up the time by getting more written next week. I’d really like to finish up the current chapter of Verdon’s Tragedy next week of I can.

Speaking of next week, the big news is definitely Blood and Dragons‘ release – that will be Tuesday. It’s the first part of a two-part episode, and the second part won’t go live until the end of June (just a heads up for those of you who prefer to wait until both parts are out to read). We’ll also have a regular Tuesday post, this one an essay on privacy, and then a review for a book I read on warfare between sailing vessels. Don’t forget to follow IGC Publishing for all the latest news and updates, and I’ll be back here next week.

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