Week of 12 June to 18 June

A lot of writing happened this week. Most significant is probably the completion of A Matter of Facts. I both finished the rough draft and completed the revisions; it now sits at about nine thousand words, which makes it a good bit shorter than other season three episodes, but not out of line with my vague notion of eight to twelve thousand words for a typical episode (longer for two-parters). However, I don’t want to talk to talk much about that story here, since I’ll bore you with those thoughts in the release post come the end of July.

With A Matter of Facts finished, I spent some time doing revisions for Contaminant, Part Two, and started the next season three episode, Trust but Verify, but most of my surplus Blood Magic writing time this week (after finishing A Matter of Facts) went towards a secret Blood Magic project that will be formally announced in August.

The science fiction necromancy story I mentioned last week is coming along nicely, but it’s going to be a rush to get it done by the end of June. We’ll see if I make it or not. I made good progress, but no promises. However, I do think it’s safe to say that it will come out this summer, so you have that to anticipate. Of course, I’m also still working on Verdon’s Tragedy. Not a lot of progress there this week. It’s my hope that writing and finishing the necromancy story will help rejuvenate me for more focused work on that project.

Here’s hoping that next week is as or more productive than this one was. While I keep writing, you get to look forward to a discussion of the function of language, and a review for Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the site; your support of IGC Publishing is always appreciated.

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