Week of 03 July to 09 July

It was not entirely intentional, but this week became a Blood Magic week – almost all of my writing time went to either Trust but Verify, which will be August’s episode, or a secret Blood Magic-related project that will be announced in a few weeks. Trust but Verify is at about nine thousand words now, and I’d estimate it has another four thousand words to go. That seems very doable for next week, so my goal is to finish it for the next of these weekly writing updates.

Outside of Blood Magic, I didn’t do a lot of writing – maybe some minimal progress on a couple of the short stories I’m working to finish for the site. I am starting to fall behind on my blog posts and book reviews (I’m only scheduled out into November), so I need to turn some attention to those soon, as well.

A short update this week. Next week features a discussion of Blood and Dragons for the Tuesday post (with spoilers, so if you haven’t already read that two-part Blood Magic episode, maybe wait to read Tuesday’s post), and then a review on Thursday for Jules Verne’s prophetic classic From the Earth to the Moon and ‘Round the Moon. Hope you enjoy those, and I’ll have another update for you next week.

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