Week of 10 July to 16 July

Another productive writing week focused almost completely on Blood Magic. I finished drafting Trust but Verify, which is good, because it needs a bit of work before it will be in a state decent enough to make the official release. Revising that will be next week’s project. Add in a few thousand words of progress on the secret Blood Magic project I keep referencing, and you have a pretty full writing week.

Beyond that, I did a bit of work catching up on reviews and posts so that I don’t fall behind on those. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention in last week’s update post that this past Friday saw the re-release of the second part of Contaminant. If you didn’t read about it already, I encourage you to go over and do so: it’s one of the better episodes, in my opinion.

For this upcoming week, you have a post about causation versus correlation to look forward to, following up on our review for The Art of Thinking Clearly and our post on logical fallacies, and a review for a short story called Rats in the Walls, a classic horror piece which I read for its intriguing take on a descent into madness. Writing-wise, I intend to focus on revising Trust but Verify, and maybe dive into drafting for the next episode, Drive On. Don’t forget to follow the site for more updates, and I’ll be back next week with another one of these updates.

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