Week of 24 July to 30 July

How are we concluding another month already? That means I really need to get serious about finishing revisions to Trust but Verify and writing Drive On. Most of this week did not see nearly as much progress as I would have liked, but I did finally shake whatever mental process was stuck in some kind of infinite loop near the end of the week, and got some work on both of those projects, as well as a couple of others, in before the week ended.

I also finished reading an essay on Zeno’s Paradoxes, and I wrote a response that will be posted, oh, sometime in late November. My backlog of posts has been dwindling recently, so it is fortunate that it was already so large.

That’s really all I have for this week. I hope you enjoy this month’s Blood Magic episode, which should be live now. Next week’s update post should have a lot more substance, since I intend to be much more productive this upcoming week. You also have a piece examining an extended web serial form of storytelling, and a review for a classic Asimov science fiction book. And with that, I will leave you in the hopes of a prolific beginning to the month of August.

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