Week of 20 November to 26 November

I’m back: did you miss me? Hopefully, you saw the posts we published since the last weekly writing update two weeks ago: we had a re-release for Pifecha, Part One, a post discussing a method of keeping track of terms for smaller projects, a review for The King of Elfland’s Daughter, a post discussing Zeno’s paradoxes (I definitely recommend you read that one – I forgot, since I wrote the post, how interesting Zeno’s paradoxes are – just be prepared for some mental exercise), and a review for Democracy in America. If not, I encourage you to go give those a read.

For updates, I’ll start with the bad news, which is that I almost certainly won’t have Balancing Act, Part Two finished by the end of November. That’s not unexpected – I knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of writing time in November and therefore wasn’t like to find time to get a whole fifteen thousand words written – but it is a little stressful, since I definitely want time to do some solid revisions on this one to make Blood Magic‘s final episode as strong as possible. Still, I did make some good progress on it, and am sitting at about a third of the way. Based on how my progress usually goes, that’s either two normal weeks or one really productive week of writing.

Maybe I could have written more this past week, but I diverted some of my attention to write a couple of book reviews, do revisions for Balancing Act, Part One (which will be released next week), and write a short story for November’s Elegant Literature contest. November’s prompt was “worldbuilders,” and I wrote a story inspired by Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth. I’m pretty happy with it and have already done a revision pass, but I’m still not satisfied with the title. The working title is Earthmade, but I’m considering alternatives. If you have an idea for a title from what I’ve said here, let me know, and you might just get credit for naming this story.

Alright, time to get back to writing the Blood Magic finale (that December deadline is really starting to loom). For next week, you have the release of Balancing Act, Part One to look forward to on Wednesday (November 30th) – the second part is what I’m currently writing and will be released at the end of December. Tuesday’s post will be talking about the US Constitution as a sort of follow-up to our review for Democracy in America, and we’ll be reviewing The Last Raven on Thursday (I know, a review for a recently released book that is actually going live close to when the book was released – you can read about why in the review). Also, our poll on the homepage will close at the start of December, so get your votes in now if you want a say in what I focus on next year.

That’s all for this update, but we’re rapidly closing in the end of the year. I’ll be back next week, hopefully with a lot of progress on Balancing Act, Part Two to report.

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