Week of 27 November to 03 December

As predicted, I did not manage to finish Balancing Act this week, although I did get about three thousand more words written. My goal is to finish it before next week’s weekly writing update, which will give me a week to let it rest before I need to pick it up again to finish revisions before the holidays. With next week also requiring the final revision on A Spiritual Journey, and a revision for Pifecha, Part Two, it’s going to be another busy writing week, but I think I can do it.

I also submitted In My Defense (which is the official title for the story I called Earthmade in last week’s update) to November’s Elegant Literature contest, so we’ll find out in January whether or not they liked the story. I put it through several rounds of revision before submitting, which is part of why I didn’t get as much progress on Blood Magic as I maybe should have attained. Speaking of Elegant Literature, I should really write a post about that contest/magazine so that you all know what I’m talking about when I mention it.

We released the first part of Balancing Act this week, and the poll for what I’ll focus on next year closed. I’ll make an announcement in an upcoming update about the final verdict; for now, I will say that it will be a novel length endeavor. Part of the reason I’ve been a little slower on Balancing Act is because I’m getting excited about the next big writing project, so I’m deliberately not chasing that until I can say that Blood Magic is finished.

For next week, we’re going to spend Tuesday discussing the subtle influence that what we read can have upon us, and we’ll have a review of Kaogong Ji, an ancient Chinese encyclopedia of sorts which I stumbled across while reading something else entirely and decided was worth a few hours of my time. Plus, A Spiritual Journey, the Blood Magic bonus episode, will go live on Saturday (December 10th). Be sure to follow the site for all the most recent IGC Publishing news, and I’ll be back next week with another weekly writing update.

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