Week of 04 December to 10 December

Is Blood Magic done yet? Well, no. Not quite. I know I said it might happen this week, but that was always an outside chance, as I had quite a bit of story left to write. Despite not finishing, I still made excellent progress, and am well past halfway. One way or another, I need to have it finished by the next weekly writing update. Also, I really need to get the revisions for Pifecha, Part Two finished this week.

Being me, I didn’t only not finish Balancing Act this week; I wrote the first draft of a story (which remains untitled) that I intend to submit to December’s Elegant Literature competition, along with a handful of blog posts and book reviews. The story is pretty removed from what I normally write, not least in being set in the more-or-less ‘real world’ in more-or-less ‘modern times.’ Maybe because I read so much that is in some way shape or form decidedly not modern, one of the fastest ways to throw me out of a story is, believe it or not, to have the characters doing ordinary things like driving cars or using cell phones. I know, it’s strange, but you should be used to that from me by now. I mean, I just posted a review for an ancient Chinese encyclopedia.

In the interest of not diverting my writing time from Balancing Act for too long, I’m going to keep this post short. Hopefully, you already saw the release of A Spiritual Journey, which I think you’ll enjoy. Next week, we’ll finally have the follow-up post I promised in our post about revising memories, and a review for The Inca, a neat survey work that is part of a series of similar works about ancient civilizations that are a little less famous than ones like Egypt, China, and Rome. Plus, the re-release of Pifecha, Part Two is scheduled for Thursday (hence why I really need to get that finished). That’s all for now, but I’ll be back next week, hopefully to tell you about finishing Balancing Act.

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