Week of 02 April to 08 April

Look at me, remembering to get to the weekly writing update before I miss it again. That’s good, because I did a lot of writing and have quite a few updates to make this week. Speaking of which, I should set aside some time soon to update the site, which I’ve not been very good about while I’ve been focusing on various writing projects. It’s easy to get pulled into just focusing on writing and reading, and not putting the time into actually maintaining this site. I suppose that’s a point in favor of traditional publishing.

Anyways, after all of my complaining about not liking the Elegant Literature prompt for April…I went and wrote a story for it this week. In fairness, I usually crank out these two thousand word stories in a single session, with another two for revision, so it’s not like it took me away from my other writing for that long. The story is called A Meal to Live For, and it doesn’t have a lot going on in it. If the others I’ve written for various prompts have been me putting some amount of care into the outcome, this was me saying “I don’t really like the prompt, but I want to do something different just because I have a random idea in my head and I don’t really need it to go anywhere of come out a certain way.” Wouldn’t it be ironic if this one is actually published?

Chapter ten of Impressions is finished, and I’ve started into chapter eleven. The pieces are falling into place for the big conflict at the end of the first part (of three). My goal is to have part one finished by the end of April, which is doable if I concentrate and apply myself and don’t run into any further stumbling blocks. I need to finish writing Raven’s summer adventures, send him back to University for his second year, and then…the trial. But I won’t say much more than that here so that I don’t spoil the story for you. So that’s about three chapters, probably, and there are three weeks remaining in April. Like I said, it’s doable, but only if I pick up the pace a bit.

Not helping me get towards that goal is a mini-novella I’ve been working on. Archmage is based on an idea I started a long time ago that has gained a surprising amount of momentum in the past few weeks, jumping from seven thousand words to almost twenty thousand in that time. I mentioned a bit about it last week, but now that it’s looking more and more likely that I’m going to finish it soon, I should probably tell you more about it…in a different post. It’s going to need significant revisions, so there’s plenty of time.

Next week we’ll be continuing our reviews for the second Mistborn era, and talking about stars: how they function, their life-cycles, and so forth. Just an introduction, but I think you might find it interesting. Now, back to Impressions. I really need to make progress on chapter eleven.

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