Week of 09 April to 15 April

This week, I finished chapter ten…again. That’s not the most encouraging thing to write, but it’s not actually a sign of lack of progress. I simply decided that what I originally planned for the beginning of chapter eleven made more sense as the end of chapter ten. So I tacked about a thousand more words on, and then dove into chapter eleven, which I am almost finished with as of this writing. It’s going smoothly, which is good, given my goal of finishing part one in the next couple of weeks. With a little over two chapters to write, that’s more than a chapter a week, which is somewhat ambitious, but still doable; however, I worry that chapter twelve may be a difficult one to get right – more to come on that next week.

Archmage, which I am thinking about re-titling Archmage and the Unicorn Queen, is continuing nicely. My original vision of three parts of about seven thousand words each has transformed into five parts of about that length, and I’m almost finished with part four. Most likely I will finish part five this week or next week, but this one needs very thorough revisions before it will be remotely presentable. Still, I like the story. Now I just have to stick the landing.

I had a few short story ideas flittering around in my head this week that I deliberately did not turn into short stories because I knew I needed to focus on Impressions, and instead wrote down for possible later exploration. If I do take a break from Impressions this week, it will be to do a revision on A Meal to Live For, which I should submit soon to the April Elegant Literature contest.

All of this writing means that I’ve fallen a bit behind on writing for the site, and even on my reading. I’m still reading Riddle-Master, which I thought I would have finished weeks ago. It’s a good story, but just not holding my attention when I’m doing so much of my own writing and reading other things. I’m not behind in real time yet, though, so this week we’re going to talk about Memoirs, and have our third review of the second Mistborn era books. Next week I will probably not be making an update post, but I’ll be back the following week to report on all of my progress.

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