Blood Magic Reflection

Maybe I could have written it sooner, but I wanted both to leave sufficient time for you to finish the series, and for me to be appropriately removed that I can attain a semblance of objectivity.  Enough time has now passed that I think we can look at some lessons learned from the effort, but consider this your spoiler warning if you haven’t yet finished reading the series.

Dreadgod Review

Wight’s writing in Cradle is dynamic and rapid, matching his prodigious and aggressive release timeline.  That is not a bad thing, and is a key feature of his style, but I do often find that I wish he would slow down and develop his stories and ideas further.

Keeping Track of Terms

Every now and then, I come across something that already seems so effective that I have no need to alter it to fit my own way of doing things. The most recent example of this is a post from Marie Brennan (author of The Memoirs of Lady Trent, among others) discussing, of all things, ways to prepare your manuscript for the copyeditor.