Well, it was a very busy week at work, so I didn’t have much time to make progress on any of my writing projects, much less to begin doing hard things for Blood Magic, like drawing maps. Fortunately, I should have some concentrated time this weekend in which I can work on these things.

There are really some interesting considerations going into this Blood Magic project. Since it has this episodic nature, the project as a whole requires a great deal more pre-planning than I tend to do. Not that I don’t plan out my writing; I just tend to do it in my head, and then revise my plan as I write. Fo’Fonas, for instance, began as a single chapter exploring an idea for a magic system I liked, which blossomed into my first, complete novel (it’s now in the review process).

With Blood Magic, once an episode is published, everything about it, especially world- and character-building components, will become “official,” canon to the story’s universe. That’s why I have to be careful to plan in so great of detail, and to write it all down as I go. Otherwise, I risk getting to season 2, episode 5, and realizing that the things I set up in season 1, episode 3 contradict with what I need to happen.

I’m considering sharing some of the world-building materials on the site. You wouldn’t need to read through them for the series, but for those who might be interested in knowing more about the series’ universe, it could be a neat resource. We’ll see. First, I actually have to create those materials…

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