Blood Magic Map, Draft 1

Formal world building for the Blood Magic series is slow going, not helped by the fact that it is far more exciting to write new content for stories than it is to dig through existing stories and write up what is essentially a textbook on my imaginary world. However, I made some good progress this past weekend, completing the rough draft of the Blood Magic world map, and a second draft to follow on.

In the first draft of the map, the continents were too large, and too closely spaced for the purposes of the story. I was able to correct those problems (and improve my general map-making technique) with the second draft. It now has continents, major island chains, and the landmasses and oceans are all labeled. Next step will be to add in the terrain, roads, political boundaries, and other, similar details.

Outside of Blood Magic, I’m still attempting to make progress on the Fo’Fonas series. I’ve gotten a few additional trial readers for the first draft of At the Top of the World, and have begun receiving some valuable feedback from them. The second book (as yet untitled) is coming along. I just finished writing chapter 12. For those of you who are interested in such things, that puts the story at about 65,000 words so far (I’m expecting this book to be at least 150,000 words, maybe into the 200,000 range). Suffice to say, there’s still a lot of storytelling left to do for this book.

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