In case you somehow missed it, the very first Blood Magic episode was released on Friday! While initial performance has not exactly been stellar, I also have no baseline for comparison, so I’m doing my best not to be too terribly disappointed that pretty much no one has read it yet. So if you haven’t read it yet, I highly encourage you to head over to the Blood Magic page and start reading. If you have read it, then thank you; you’re part of what makes this possible. Please consider recommending the story to your friends, family, and random strangers you pass on the subway. Remember, a new episode will be released at the end of February, so look forward to that.

Writing on the third episode is coming along, although more slowly than I would prefer; I’ve been pretty busy recently. Still, I’m about 1/3 done. I’ve also been working on some other projects, which I’ll detail below. Hopefully this will reassure those of you who have read some of my rough drafts that I haven’t forgotten about these other stories, and give all of you a better idea of what some of the features on the My Works page are all about.

A Long Journey: this is the tentative, working title for a science fiction novel on which I’ve made a fair amount of progress (it’s about 26,000 words right now, for reference). The premise is that a somewhat eccentric old man builds himself an interstellar capable spacecraft and heads off into the great unknown.

Impressions: if you’ve been around my writing for awhile (as in, since before this site existed), you might remember a series of short stories I wrote, which I called Impressions. I received a lot of feedback on this from various sources, and the consensus was that they belonged in a longer, more thorough context. Outlining for the series is done, but writing is going slowly. I intend to come back to this world at some point, but I don’t know that it will happen soon.

Computer Consciousness: what I would call the first part of this epic-length science fiction novel, revolving around a sentient computer, has been finished, and even been put through a thorough revision. The second part is in progress, but this is a hard one to write. It’s a concept that I’ve been trying to write since I was in middle school, and I really want to get it right. So progress is slow on this one, as well.

Gods and Men: Progress was quick on this at first, so I’ve actually finished the rough draft of the first part. The second part is a little bit in limbo as I work on cleaning up some holes I left, and that need to be patched before I can drive forward with the story. I’m still looking at possibly finishing this novel this year.

Golems: I love the magic system for this story, but I haven’t come up with a really solid plot. No movement for now.

Enslave the Gods: again, this is just a working title, but it’s a rather interesting take on a revenge story. Written much like something out of Greek or Roman mythology, I only need to right the ending, and then this novella is ready for revisions.

Fo’Fonas: of all my works, this one has probably generated the most excitement amongst my alpha readers. I’m projecting this to be a four or five novel, epic fantasy series. The rough draft of the first novel is actually done, but don’t get too excited; I intend to write rough drafts of all of the others before I go back and do revisions, so a release of the core series is a long ways off. Before you lose interest, though, there is an idea that I’ve been revolving. Since there has been so much excitement around this series, and I really do enjoy writing in the world, I’ve been thinking of writing a few short stories or novellas set on Sarctuar, but unrelated (or only vaguely related) to the main Fo’Fonas story line. Nothing certain yet, but stand by for further developments here.

That’s all for now. In case you hadn’t already noticed, I’m trying to post one review, and one “other” post each week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that will continue at least until I catch up on my backlog of book reviews from over my winter holiday. For now, please go read Blood Magic!

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