It is my perverse hope, as an author, that you are currently on the edge of your seat after the tense ending to November’s Blood Magic episode, part one of the two part season finale. Don’t worry: your plight will be alleviated at the end of December, when the twelfth and final episode in Blood Magic‘s first season will be going live. From what I understand (which is quite a bit, since I’m the author), it’s going to be quite the climax, and the Merolate you’ve come to know and hopefully favor over the past year will be irrevocably changed.

With that shadow hanging over everyone’s minds, it seemed a good time to alleviate another worry that may have been plaguing you: will there be a season two? It was both an easy and a difficult decision for me to make. On the one hand, I believe I have benefited significantly from having Blood Magic as a series here on the site, in a writing sense. It has forced me to write more consistently, and to tackle problems that I might otherwise have simply avoided in favor of turning to some other project. Although not all of the episodes in the first season are as strong as I would have liked, and they are certainly all still rough drafts, despite being “published,” I do think that they show improvement over the course of the season, which was one of the main goals. Plus, I have become more and more invested in the world and the characters as the season has gone on, and I want to tell their whole story (I have three seasons currently plotted).

However, the series has not been performing on the site as well as I had hoped. It had been my thought that having consistent content like this would be one of the primary drivers to the site, but whether it’s from my less-than-perfect talents as a web designer, or my foolish decision to not promote each episode with at least one blog post, or my continued lack of presence on social media, or just that people don’t want to read these stories, they have been getting hardly any traffic. The rest of the site’s performance has been increasing slowly but steadily this year, and most of my posts are seen regularly (our review posts are especially popular), but not Blood Magic. So if this isn’t something that people want to read, is it worth writing it? Part of why I write, and the reason that I built this site, was to share my writing with others.

I weighed both of these arguments in my head for quite some time, but ultimately, I’ve decided to press forward with a second season. Blood Magic is, simply, a story that I want to tell, and if people read it and enjoy it, that’s more like a bonus. Plus, I really do think that my writing has benefited from the efforts and travails of the first season, and it stands to reason that I will improve further over the course of writing a second season. There will, however, be a few changes. For one thing, I will now be promoting each month’s episode with its own blog post. For another, I will be re-releasing the first season over the course of the year, also with their own blog posts. This will include some basic edits for continuity and typos, although I will not be undertaking major revisions (as I hope eventually to do) at this time. Season two episodes will continue to go live at the end of each month, while season one re-releases will occur on the fifteenth of each month.

So yes, it’s going to be a busy 2021. We’re going to have two seasons of Blood Magic going up simultaneously, we’re going to have the new Sententia Discussion Series (which you will hear much more about in an upcoming post), and of course we will have our usual two posts a week: one topical, one review. I’m really excited to be going forward with another season and doing even more with IGC Publishing, and I hope that you’re excited to join us.

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