Week of 17 April to 23 April

For me, this turned out to be a thoroughly mediocre writing week – I should have gotten more written, although by the end of the week I did manage to have a decent amount of progress to show for my efforts. Just not as much as I should have to show for the amount of time that I had for writing. Disruptions to routine can do that to me.

I was back at work on Verdon’s Tragedy this week; although I didn’t make a lot of progress, I did get a couple thousand words written, and I’m officially further into the story than I’ve ever drafted (I originally wrote about twenty thousand words of Verdon’s story as a much shorter piece, but later decided that it would work better as a novel-length work). That puts the story at almost eighty-five thousand words, and I’m starting to think about revisions (even though I estimate I have a good twenty thousand words or so left to write). As part of that, I’ve been looking into what constitutes a classic “tragedy” format.

As part of that research, I came across this article from The Write Practice, which is in turn based upon a book called The Seven Basic Plots. It lists five parts of classic tragedy format: anticipation, dream, frustration, nightmare, death wish. While I don’t usually think too much about such formats when I’m doing a first draft, since I don’t outline, I’ve been finding them very useful for thinking about stories and working on revisions.

Blood and Dragons got some attention, in the form of just a few hundred words on part two. That progress will pick up after I finish the first scene, which is from a viewpoint that I haven’t done in the series before and want to be sure to get right. That’s all I’m going to say about that until the release post.

Other than a couple of book reviews, that’s all of the writing I did for this week. Next week’s posts include some thoughts about the polymath concept, and a review for The Dragonbone Chair. Plus, Saturday is the end of the month, which means that Noble Child will be released at the end of the week. Please be sure to follow the site to stay up to date on IGC Publishing events and news, and check back next Sunday for another weekly writing update.

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