Week of 04 September to 10 September

It feels like I did a lot of writing this week, which is only partially true. While I did spend a lot of time working on writing-related things, the actual progress on my main projects was smaller than I wanted, for all that I was accomplishing important tasks, like updates to the site, writing future posts, and finishing 2022’s Intergalactic Update, which will come out on September 20th (you can read 2021’s update here).

I made some progress on A Spiritual Journey, having finished off the second of the three parts into which I’ve divided the story. As long as I don’t slack off or work too much on other projects in the next couple of weeks, I should still be on track to have that draft finished by the end of September, at which point I’ll start on Balancing Act. Revisions also occupied some of my time this week, specifically for Bread and Steel, which I needed to finish before the re-release on September 15th, along with some progress on revising Principles.

In other stories, I finished a short story draft for this month’s Elegant Literature competition, which I’m calling Dragon’s Hoard. It has dragons, hoards, thieves, mythology, and alpine archipelagos ruled by said dragons fifty thousand years ago. Oh, and a library. I’ll be working on revisions for that in the next couple of weeks, as well.

For the upcoming week’s posting schedule, I already mentioned the re-release of Bread and Steel on the 15th. It will be accompanied by a review for an Asimov story called Nightfall, which really makes me question any writing that I managed to do at a similar age. In Tuesday’s post, we’ll be discussing the concept of sympathetic nature, which might give some members of the audience flashbacks to seventh grade English classes.

In other news, I’m conducting IGC Publishing’s first ever poll, which you can find at the bottom of this post. I’m still struggling to decide what to focus on after finishing Blood Magic, and while I’ve finally decided on the form, I’ve not decided on the content. That’s what this poll is about; it’s your opportunity to help me decide what my main writing project for 2023 will be. So, I hope you participate in the poll, and I’ll be back next week with another update.

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